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Rank these pioneering cars in the order of importance!

Select your answers in order of preference.

    • Mini
    • Ford Model T
    • Benz Patent Motorwagen
    • Lamborghini Miura
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    Comments (23)

    • When I think “importance” I think of the “influence” they had on cars in general. Therefore the Motorwagen was kinda Genesis. Model T was hugely influential. Cars like the Mini changed automotive design to this day. And in a an SUV/Crossover mad world, the Jeep started that. Model S was the first EV you’d actually think about. Cars like the Beetle and 124 put millions on wheels. Then you start to get to cars that certainly were memorable and influential but just not on the same scale. The first supercar (Gullwing). Muira influenced super car design as well as remaining the most beautiful car ever penned. The rest were “significant”.

        1 year ago
      • That's certainly the right perspective to take on board. I'd have thought on the same lines, lol

          1 year ago
    • How would anyone rank the Ford model t above the first car ever made. How. It baffles me.

        1 year ago
    • I don't see how the mercadies is not first

        1 year ago
    • Frank Benz car should be first because Frank Benz gave the idea of a car to everybody in the world there would be no model t and there will be no Willys Jeep winning the war

        1 year ago
    • I think the Austin 7 should be on here for normalising the standard control layout we have in cars today.

        1 year ago