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R​ank These Premium Full-Size SUV’s! (US)

Select your answers in order of preference.

    • L​incoln Navigator
    • I​nfiniti QX80
    • L​and Rover Range Rover
    • L​exus LX
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    Comments (16)

    • I want to say the Lexus LX is the best because of its stupidly good reliability but the Navigator is to classy too pass up.

        2 months ago
    • Lexus should be in top 3 , the car has a good reliability’s and the looks are stunning , on pic not that much but in real

        2 months ago
    • Really a butt ugly BMW ranked higher than the Cadillac.

        2 months ago
    • Lincoln, Cadillac, BMW, Range Rover, Mercedes, Lexus, Infiniti

        2 months ago
      • We pretty much ended up at the same conclusion and since you ranked the bmw so high, I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on the polarizing styling of it that most people seem to dislike.

          2 months ago
      • I'm really not a fan of the M3's and M4's new grille, but I think the ones of the X7 and 7 Series are acceptable. It wouldn't do them bad if the grille size was increased a bit, but it is okay as it is now.

          2 months ago
    • The infinit I actually like the look off and been in them, extremely nice

        2 months ago