1y ago
Rank these premium sedans in the order of most appealing looks

Select your answers in order of preference.

    • BMW 3 series
    • Audi A4
    • Mercedes Benz C Class
    • Jaguar XE

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    Comments (11)

    • First of all. Where is the Alfa? That is the biggest question because by far it is the best looking premium sedan, even if it is an Alfa Romeo.

      And second, am I the only one that likes the Audi’s new looks?

        1 year ago
    • Wheres the alfa and lexus?

        1 year ago
    • Hahahaha, the Jaguar №1?


        1 year ago
    • Glad the Jag is first, because who doesn't want to say: I've got a Jaaaaaaaaaag

        1 year ago
      • 1 year ago