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Rank These Sleeper Cars!
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    • Vauxhall Lotus Carlton
    • Audi RS6
    • Ford Taurus SHO (2nd gen)
    • Ford Taurus SHO (6th gen)
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    Comments (17)

    • Merry Christmas to you Dash!

        9 months ago
    • Merry Christmas people.

      Carlton is the best.

        9 months ago
    • Great list of cars. Lotus Carlton #1

        9 months ago
    • No thema 8.32?

        9 months ago
      • I forgot about it. How did I? It's one of my dream cars.

          9 months ago
    • The 2nd gen Taurus SHO is actually a very good car. Until it breaks, that is.

        9 months ago