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Rank these Top Gear presenters

Select your answers in order of preference.

    • Jeremy Clarkson
    • Richard Hammond
    • James May
    • Chris Evans
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    Comments (11)

    • If you’re going to include Tiff and Quentin, you’d do well to include VBH, Chris Goffey and his beard, Angela Rippon and her legs, hell, Andy Wilman had a short stint hosting Top Gear.

        4 months ago
      • I did think about including the really early presenters but so many people had a go at it, this ranking poll would be endless!

          4 months ago
      • VBH and Wilman were the same hosting cohort as Tiff and Quentin. If we wanted to be true pedants you could dig up the radio series too.

          4 months ago
    • Well... Outside our 3 famous presenters, who are the others????

        4 months ago
    • 14th our of 14 isn’t good enough for Evans. I think literally anyone else would be better. A ham sandwich would be better

        4 months ago
    • Only the first 3 counted, no matter what order they appear in. Orangetang, Hamster, slow

        4 months ago
    • Captain slow is my all time favorite!

        4 months ago