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2d ago
Rank these video game off-roaders

Select your answers in order of preference.

    • M12 Warthog (Halo)
    • Kübelwagen (Battlefield V...
    • Mercedes Unimog U5023 (Fo...
    • Dubsta 6x6 (GTA V)
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    Comments (2)

    • I love warzone's car physics because you can easily drift all cars EXCEPT the Bertha (which makes sense) and the Tac Rover (which makes no sense whatsoever, considering that you can easily drift a Land Rover Defender 90). And for that, I fother mucking hate the Tac Rover. I mean come on! The steering on the BERTHA has better steering!

        2 days ago
    • The Offroader from Mario Kart Wii is my personal favorite. Click this link to see it in action:

        2 days ago