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Rank: What US-state has the best looking State Trooper cars? (Comment which state's got the worst in your mind)

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    • Tennessee
    • Texas
    • Alabama
    • Arkansas
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    Comments (49)

    • All I know is that Canfield PD has pretty damn nice Dodge Chargers!

        10 months ago
    • Here in North Carolina, a lot of people drive silver Chargers. Probably so people will move over for them

        10 months ago
      • Our county sheriff department has a few Mustang GTs which is pretty cool too

          10 months ago
      • In Connecticut that would probably work even better since the State Troopers there literally just drive a silver car.

          10 months ago
    • I love the Michigan retro!

        10 months ago
    • I’ve had speeding tickets in PA, NY, VA, NC, WV, and MD. Anyone got me beat?

        10 months ago
      • That's a pretty long list. I think it's gonna be a while until someone who's got speeding tickets in more states might turn up here. But until then keep on driving so sensibly along the east coast.

          10 months ago
    • Oregon!!!

        10 months ago
      • You've gotta be kidding. It's just a silver car! You might have chosen Connecticut or Ohio as well (apart from the wheels which are obviously cooler on the Oregon State Trooper car). I'm guessing now that you are from Oregon but even then...

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          10 months ago
      • I didn’t put it first

          10 months ago