Rank: What's the best current American police car?

Select your answers in order of preference.

    • Ford Interceptor Utility
    • Dodge Charger Pursuit
    • Dodge Durango Pursuit
    • Ford Interceptor
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    Comments (30)

    • Crown Vic in first place!!!

        5 months ago
      • I've got in second place cause I think the Charger's a bit cooler. But I love the Crown Vic as well.

          5 months ago
    • The Caprice should be higher but I mostly agree I suppose

        5 months ago
      • I don't really like the latest Caprice because it's not the cruising machine I think it should be, so I've ranked it pretty low. I love however the police-Caprices from the 90's, but since they aren't really active any longer, for me the...

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          5 months ago
    • The new Caprice should be higher, but they are so rare

        5 months ago
      • Hang on, I thought you were a Ford-man?

          5 months ago
      • Lol. You caught me.

        Maybe I’m a flip flopper 😜.

        I am a ford guy, it’s just that the Taurus has nothing on the Caprice/G8/Holden

          5 months ago