Rank: What's the best pickup truck of 2020?

Select your answers in order of preference.

    • Chevy Silverado
    • GMC Sierra
    • Ford F-150
    • Dodge Ram 1500
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    Comments (16)

    • GMC and Ford F-150 are probably the best built and are plenty capable. I wanted to opt for Ram, but the new ones have so many reliability issues

        4 months ago
      • Without the reliability issues I would choose the Ram as well. But if you consider them I'm with you, it's just pretty hard for me to decide between the Ford and the Chevy.

          4 months ago
    • GMC. By far.

        4 months ago
    • I am biased to Ford and put myself in the category of anything but GM. However, thats personal opinion, not based on true capabilities.

        4 months ago
    • Very true. The money wouldn’t have saved Mercury.

      Sadly Pontiac had to go. Even after they cut Oldsmobile, Saturn, Geo and eventually Holden and Opel.

        4 months ago
      • I think there's nothing slightly sad about the loss of Geo or even Saturn. But it's so sad we had to wave goodbye to Pontiac and Olds. And I don't really get why they sold Opel and Holden because weren't these just Buick's with a different name...

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          4 months ago
    • Does this count? If it does, it’s my fav truck

        4 months ago