10) Brazilian Grand Prix

Granted this wasn't anywhere near as exciting as last year, but that is setting the standard very high. The Brazilian Grand Prix saw both Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Ricciardo carve their way through the field as well as a fierce battle between Massa, Alonso and Perez. Out front it was Sebastian Vettel who took victory, they came just a little too late for him though.

9) Mexican Grand Prix

This time it was the turn of Vettel and Hamilton to fight their way through the field after early contact. Hamilton in particular got himself into a mouthwatering fight with Fernando Alonso. Naturally, the McLaren couldn't keep up for long but it was fun while it lasted. This all left Verstappen out front to dominate and claim a second win in four races. And of course a champion was crowned as Hamilton's 9th place finish was sufficient enough.

8) Malaysian Grand Prix

The Malaysian Grand Prix, or 'The Monsoon Grand Prix' as we like to call it, underwhelmed in terms of the weather. I mean come on, just one downpour would have been nice, but regardless of the cloudy conditions it was still a good race. Verstappen won following an exhilarating overtake on Hamilton. Behind them, Vettel climbed up to P4 after starting P20.

7) Spanish Grand Prix

A thrilling first corner saw contact between Raikkonen, Verstappen and Bottas. The first two retired straight away and Bottas retired later on - the only time Mercedes retired all year. The carnage behind allowed Vettel and Hamilton to battle on circuit for the first time in the year with Hamilton getting the overtake done on lap 44.

6) Belgian Grand Prix

A Grand Prix that always seems to perform, the Belgian Grand Prix was a fun one, made even more fun because of a late safety car that threw the whole race wide open. It looked for all the world that Vettel would overtake Hamilton after the SC period, but Hamilton held on to claim an important win.

5) Canadian Grand Prix

After Verstappen retired, it was pretty clear that Hamilton and Bottas would finish first and second respectively, but everything behind that was entertaining. The two Force Indias bickering was a sign of things to come and Vettel's overtakes on them were thrilling. From a personal viewpoint, the Canadian GP may well be my favourite on the calendar, the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve always delivers a good race and 2017 was no exception.

4) United States Grand Prix

The Circuit of the Americas regularly gets stick from certain fans and I just can't understand why. Out front it was Vettel who led early on from polesitter Hamilton, only for Hamilton to gain his revenge later on. Further back, Verstappen made an enthralling charge through the grid and made a move for P3, only for it to be taken away by the stewards. Whether that was the right call or not is another debate entirely, but you can't deny it wasn't breathtaking.

3) Chinese Grand Prix

After the snoozefest of Melbourne, there was plenty of concern that overtaking would be impossible in the new cars. Fortunately, a brilliant Chinese Grand Prix helped put people's minds at rest. We had Verstappen's opening lap, which was perhaps the best lap of the year, Bottas spinning, Giovinazzi crashing, Stroll and Perez coming together, and so much more.

2) Bahrain Grand Prix

Straight after the Chinese Grand Prix, we were treated to another belter of a race, this time in Bahrain. To start the race there were five cars within touching distance of the lead. Differing strategies, safety car restarts and intriguing battles in the midfield meant there was something to keep the mind occupied all the way through.

1) Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Where do you even start with this race?! Vettel and Hamilton collided behind the safety car with the former getting a penalty as a result. Hamilton's headrest came loose leading to a pit stop. The Force Indias hit each other, the Saubers hit each other and Lance Stroll came ridiculously close to second place as Bottas pinched it on the line. In front of this, Ricciardo took victory after starting 10th. Utter mayhem

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