Naturally, some Grands Prix end up being better than others. Here we've ranked the 20 races from 2017! Starting with 20th through to 11th.

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20) Russian Grand Prix

It's always a great moment seeing a driver win a race for the first time. For most it's the culmination of a dream, but even the sensation of a new winner couldn't save this dull race. Apart from the tension of Vettel chasing Bottas at the end, there was nothing to note during the race. The Sochi Autodrom has nothing going for it and it was only dear ol' Vlad who enjoyed his day.

19) Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

After the Russian Grand Prix, I didn't think there would be anything nearly as bad for the rest of the year. As is usually the case, I was wrong. A drab circuit delivered a drab Grand Prix and it's a sad way to end an overall encouraging year. Weirdly enough, Bottas won both of the races at the bottom of this list, perhaps he's cursed.

18) Monaco Grand Prix

I respect the glitz and the glamour of this race as well as the historical value the circuit has, but that can't hide the truth behind this race and the truth is it was a little boring. There's only two possible ways to overtake: 1) if you under/over cut someone or 2) if someone crashes. It did have a few highlights such as Ericsson crashing at the lowest speed possible, but it just wasn't enough.

17) Hungarian Grand Prix

Verstappen hit Ricciardo at the start, Fernando Alonso set the fastest lap at the end. Unfortunately, not a lot happened in the 68 laps in between. It was an easy afternoon for Vettel and Raikkonen as they comfortably finished first and second respectively. Oh, and Magnussen received a penalty because he's Kevin Magnussen and I think everyone remembers his response to Hulkenberg.

16) Australian Grand Prix

After months of waiting, the new era of F1 was upon us and as usual we kicked off in Melbourne. The race was both encouraging and discouraging for different reasons. Encouraging because the Ferrari of Vettel was able to outpace and beat Mercedes. A sign that a serious fight for number 1 constructor might be upon us. Discouraging because I can only remember there being one pass on track. For that reason, it's hard to put it any higher than this.

15) Austrian Grand Prix

Maybe it's because it followed the mayhem of Baku, but the Austrian GP didn't do much for me. Kvyat did his best to liven up the race by torpedoing into the back of Alonso at the first corner, but overall this race deserves its place in the bottom half. As with a few races on this list, the end of the race was decent as Bottas held off Vettel to take victory.

14) Japanese Grand Prix

We're getting into 'average' territory now. The last few laps of the race were thrilling as Verstappen gave it everything he could in an effort to catch Hamilton. He couldn't quite get it done but was only a second off by the end. Other than that, it was a massively influential race in terms of the championship with Hamilton winning and Vettel out on lap 4.

13) Italian Grand Prix

Possibly the most dramatic (and extended) qualifying session of the year took place on the Saturday. Wet conditions caused mayhem and a rather topsy-turvy looking grid. Lance Stroll starting second should tell you everything you need to know. The race itself was fine without being spectacular. A nice recovery drive from Ricciardo but little action out front.

12) Singapore Grand Prix

An incredible start to the race, which in all likelihood robbed us of an incredible rest of the race. Vettel, Verstappen and Raikkonen were all out of the race within 30 seconds of the start and Hamilton managed to stay out of trouble and win. Elsewhere, Palmer overtook Bottas which was just the most brilliant thing I've ever seen.

11) British Grand Prix

The majority of this race was standard enough and then the Ferraris decided to add a bit of excitement by putting on some gunpowder tyres that exploded with just a few laps to go. Kimi conceded 2nd to Bottas and Vettel fell right down to 7th. Happy days for Hamilton though as he won his 5th British GP and achieved his 5th career Grand Slam.

*Tune in tomorrow as the countdown continues from 10 down to 1.

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  • Damnit why do you tease us like this!

      2 years ago
  • Hungary an easy drive for Vettel? I think you saw an other race than I did.

      2 years ago
    • It was made substantially easier by a very compliant teammate...

        2 years ago
    • Made easier is the right expression. But I think we had this discussion before, it was securing a one two for Ferrari instead of a one four.

        2 years ago