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Rant: Modern supercar fans are extremly boring

I found lots of modern supercar fans on DT so I made an article

Most of that cars are cool, but not enough.

I think the most boring are Mclaren fans. Because I think most of them are ugly and they have ugly interiors. Most overrated for me is the P1. I think it look hideous, but 55% of people adore it. Next are 765LT and Senna. They are less overrated but still boring. Others aren't that overrated.

Now let's move to Lamborghini. Almost Every 6-14 years olds favorite Lambo is Performante or SVJ. I don't dislike them but I prefer 350 GT, Miura, Countach, Diablo and Murcielago over them because they look far better. I dislike Sian and Veneno but they aren't that overrated.

Now let's talk about Ferrari. I love LaFerrari and 458 but others no. There are lots of 488 pista and 812 superfast fans, but I think they don't deserve that popularity. Classic Ferraris were better like 250 GT0, 365, Dino, 512, etc.

Nissan GT-R is really overrated. For first, I think it isn't even a supercar. I think it's only a sportscar. Because it has only 470hp and stupid 1700 kg, and its front engined. But its fanboys would say: wHaT aRe YoU tAlKiNg AbOuT, iT hAs 10000000000hp AnD 0-60 tImE oF 00000000000000000001. sEcOnDs. Plus, I think it looks hideous.

Mercedes AMG GT is less overrated but it still deserves a place in this article. Lots of people absolutely adore it because of the "stunning" looks and "insane" performance. I don't think it looks stunning. It think it looks only quite cool. And its also front engined, which gives it bad cornering.

Audi R8 is also overrated. I doesn't look stunning and it isn't that fast. I think Porsches are far better.

Others aren't that overrated. I hope you enjoyed the article, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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Comments (59)

  • I reckon everyone on DriveTribe is boring, it’s almost a requirement. There’s nothing wrong with that though, it’s a place for boring people to talk about things that most people find boring

      4 days ago
    • 😭🤣 that's unintentionally hilarious

        4 days ago
    • 😁 thanks! I stand by it though, but there’s nothing wrong with being boring

        3 days ago
  • I agree with you on everything except:

    The McLaren P1 isn't overrated. It's an engineering marvel. You may not like its looks, but you can't deny the fact that McLaren did a great job by making an exciting hybrid.

    The AMG GT is NOT front-engined. Its engine is mounted quite far behind its front axle, therefore it's got great weight distribution. Bad handling isn't really a problem with the GT (watch Chris Harris's review on it and see what I mean).

    The R8 is quite fast, mate! Plus, the engine is marvellous, which no Porsche can match. I very much adore 911s, though.

    However, you have raised really good points about modern Lambos and Ferraris. I too think cars such as the Sian, Veneno, etc. should get as much respect as they do.

      4 days ago
  • I agree that many modern supercars are dull, but I disagree with quite a few points. The GTR is faster than Audi R8, so it's a supercar easy. Price and power aren't what defines it. The P1 is arguably the best driver's car since the F1 so I disagree there too. The R8 has an awesome engine, the front engined cars aren't immediately bad at cornering as you imply with the AMG GT (barely front engined btw) which is a decent car but overall I agree it is overrated. I agree with the rest though.

      3 days ago
    • Best drivers car since the F1 is the 997 GT3 RS 4.0, for McLaren, the P1

        2 days ago
    • It's close but yeah I'll give you that

        2 days ago
  • You seem to hate every single car you think is uGlY, also fr doesn't mean bad handling.

      4 days ago
  • I agree that supercar fanboys are annoying and generally don't have a clue about what they're talking about. We can however appreciate these cars for what they are, the term overrated is overrated in my opinion as everything is about opinions in the first place.

      4 days ago