Rap and Cars: why this music video is ingenious

The music video for 'Lonsdale Creps' may be a parody, but it's actually much cleverer than that when it comes to cars...

If we all took one shot of Russian Standard every time we saw a car in a rap music video that cost more than £20,000, we would all need our appendix - and potentially liver - to be removed. However, if you have already become tired of seeing this repetitive bollocks, then you can now enjoy a good rap video where the cars are something that an average viewer would actually drive.

'Lonsdale Creps' is by no means made by two hip-hop gods, but by talented YouTube newcomer James Daniels - who goes by the name Drilla J in the video - and by his friend Matt - who has given himself the glorious name of P.Dough for this video.

Both do a sick job at parodying the conventions of the drill genre in their bars, and one aspect that I would like to discuss in particular is the choice in cars, because instead of doing just what every other "YouTube rapper" does (i.e rent a bunch of Huracans and pretend that it's theirs), James and Matt have brought in the latter's fifth-generation Ford Fiesta.

A used fifth-generation Fiesta will cost you these days around £1200, which is pretty affordable for a car from the early 2000s. It was with this generation that Ford introduced the 'ST' marque that still excites hot hatch fans to this day, although it remains less recognisable than other generations.

What's most important about this car being in this video, as well as the mention of other cheap hatchbacks in the song such as the Corsa and the Clio, is that it demonstrates that the creators are not trying to project an image of wealth like many other creators do, and rather they accept what they already have and present them in a positive light.

I think this is what US hip-hop videos need more of: authenticity. Just drop all of the Gucci clothes, Patek watches and Lambo SUVs and be more realistic and relatable to their audience. What do you guys think? Write your opinion in the comments!

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Comments (2)

  • this song is actually fucking beautiful i listen to it religiously

      21 days ago
  • Calling yourself P.Dough doesn't sound like a good idea

      30 days ago


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