Rare 914-6 Spotted!

A brief story on the rare six cylinder Porsche 914

1y ago


When I saw this incredibly well kept Porsche 914, I had no idea how special it was. However, as I took pictures of this car, a crowd soon gathered and I caught wind that this Porsche 914-6 is quite a rarity amongst Porsches.

While the Porsche 914 was originally intended to be a successor to the Porsche 912, Porsche decided to produce some 914's with a flat six. Sold as the 914-6, the six cylinder 914 did not do as well as Porsche had hoped.

Costing nearly as much as a 911T, the 914-6 was seen as redundant and sales were dismal. Due to poor sales, the Porsche discontinued production in 1972 with only 3,351 units produced out of a total of over 118,000 914's produced.

Because of the failure of this car, the 914-6 has become quite a sought after car.

I have always liked the Porsche 914, and now that I know about the 914-6, perhaps I should look for one in the secondhand market.

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  • They are really cool, too sad that they weren't such a success as the 911

      1 year ago


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