- Side view of the Custom Tata Sumo

Rare Custom Tata Sumo

This tata sumo is nowhere to be found in any magazine or website or anywhere in internet. If anyone knows about this SUV fantastic share some info.

This Tata sumo was customized, it is chassis & body is extended and it has a high roof. This SUV was featured in a 2000 year Telugu movie called Devi Putrudu cast lead by Anjala Zaveri & Daggbuti Venkatesh & Soundarya. I dont know whether the car was built for the movie or it is someone's car loaned for the movie.

I recorded some footage of the movie where the Tata Sumo was in motion & captured some screenshots of the Custom Tata Sumo. The Tata sumo is not very well built but very good thought. 2nd window is extra window added. interior space is more than standard + it high roof with sunroof or window. Tata Motors should have considered this custom build, they could have make it into a long wheel base version or camper version, or commercial van version it would have been successful hit in the market.

I think this custom tata sumo build was inspired the by 1977 Matra Rancho or by this 1989 1st gen Land Rover Discovery.

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The custom tata sumo is introduction in the movie as a travels agency car from Mumbai to Dwaraka city.

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In this scene, you can see the custom tata sumo's interior, space for passengers, and boot space.

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The Custom Tata Sumo in night time, with lights on

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