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Mark has a tendency to peruse the internet with a few vodkas in hand.. This particular episode follows him on his journey to picking up a rather obscure purchase from the auction house, that he barely even remembers making.

Today we go collect 1 of 500 ever built Toyota Soarer Aerocabin 3.0GT. This is a hard top convertible Soarer.

The Aerocabin was a limited production vehicle released in 1989 in Japan only. They were a special run and only 500 vehicles ever produced, with only a handful of these finding their way to Australia (around 5-10).

It is powered by the same drivetrain as the standard MZ20 soarer - That is a 7MGTE producing 240hp, in front of a 4 speed automatic. For all intents and purposes, the Soarer of this era is built on a Toyota Supra chassis and drive line.

It’s awkward proportions are thanks to the folding electric roof which replaces the rear seats and part of the boot storage.

With only 500 in existence, this is one of the rarest production cars to come out of Japan, despite our jokes about them being ugly, although they are ungainly to look at - there is something quite special about them.

Apologies for the shaky footage at the start, this entire video is shot and edited on our phone!

We can only imagine what they must have been like back in the late 80s with beautiful pearl paint, digital dash that brings flashbacks of Nightrider, and luxury leather interior with electric everything.

Now, we put it in the garage (in some tough company) until we work out what we want to do with her :)