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Comments (13)

  • 8/10

      4 days ago
    • I don't know squat about watches, but it looks nice

        3 days ago
  • 7/10, 8 with a Nato strap :P

      4 days ago
  • Can't go wrong with a Weekender. Love the strap too. Def 9/10

      2 days ago
  • Today I am wearing my fresh G-Steel.

    The GST-B200D.

    Cracking watch.

    Solar, power reserve meter, Bluetooth, Carbon Core Guard,

    perfect fit and finish, good lume, strong illumination, cool STN negative display,

    And virtually bulletproof because it’s a G-Shock.🙂

      2 days ago
  • 8/10, Timex is a decent brand, and their Indiglo backlight is unmatched.

      3 days ago