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Rather Unbelievably, World Of Tanks Announces A Hot Wheels-Themed Thing...?

I am not kidding you at all: somehow, a tank war game has found a partner in a die-cast car toy brand

39w ago

File this in the "things I can't believe I'm seeing at all" drawer: World of Tanks, a game about controlling tanks in a sprawling battlefield, is teaming up with Hot Wheels, one of Mattel's die-cast brands, for WoT's second season.

Look: even I am baffled. And the original announcement was 20 hours ago.

As you can see from the comments section and like bar in the announcement reel above, the playerbase hasn't taken lightly to this announcement of a season pass for the console version of the game that brings a Hot Wheels-themed season to the tankfighting game, running now until 7 December. It's understandable -- how much more jarring can this get if you're a veteran tank commander and you see brightly-coloured tanks trudging along on orange plastic roads?

Packed into the season pass are six tanks dressed in decidedly not period-accurate liveries and camo patterns, along with some rewards. But what I still find incomprehensible is the "why". Why is this a thing? How did the negotiations play out? A Hot Wheels partnership wasn't at all surprising in Forza Horizon 3 -- if anything, it fit thematically. This, though? It boggles my mind. The crazier part is that this isn't even the first time Wargaming made such an utterly crazy partnership -- they had a WWE joint for crying out loud (in an update that did bring crossplay for both consoles and PC, which got buried much like the wrestling promotion often does to its talent). Bloody hell.

You know what? I'm posting this in a low-traffic tribe instead of the general gaming tribe or Hobbies because it doesn't make sense to put this in either. I suppose if you have a WoT Console account, go check that out and tell me what you think (or better yet, write about it). Please, do not let this go on the front page.

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