Rattlesnake Bomber Base: Past Meets Present in West Texas

In 2014, I went to an abandoned WW2 airfield in West Texas, and when I got home, I learned that my grandfather had trained there in 1944. At the time, it was the largest bomber base in the country. I’ve always wanted to tell this story, and dive into the history of Rattlesnake Bomber Base.

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  • Kevin, thank you for sharing this. Very well done! I very much enjoyed it. My father-in-law served in WWII in a B17 in Europe. I supposed it’s possible that he trained there. Unfortunately, he passed away in ‘92 so, I can’t ask.

      8 days ago
  • Is that at Pyote? After the war the planes were lined up as faras you could see. They put a cable between 2 catapillars drove down the rows pulling the landing gear out from. Under the planes. Did not want the planes of all types on the civilian market.

      10 days ago
    • I also remember flying down the runways in Cesna 172 and 180 plane. One of the pilots I was with debated landing. The big hanger in your photos still had a roof and Texas A&M used the base for something, so we decided to stay out of trouble. This...

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        10 days ago
    • Wow, these are incredible stories! Yes, it was Pyote. I think the hangar roof was taken down in the late 80s or early 90s.

        10 days ago
  • Thank you Chris! I am sorry to hear that he passed, it might be possible to research his service history if you have his crew names or if he had a unique name, my mother has been finding more info out there: www.457thbombgroup.org/Shinners_list/intro.html

      7 days ago