RB Motorsports, a Nissan Skyline and GT-R shop located in Wigan, UK, just suffered a massive fire in their shop. Judging from the pictures shared on their Facebook page, the fire engulfed almost everything in their shop as well as their customer cars.

From Their Facebook Post:

"As people have probably seen over social media and the news, we have had a fire at our unit, Not sure on the full extent of the damage but as it is clear by pictures... 99% of everything has been destroyed unfortunately along with customers cars which we are most upset about, once we have more details we will publish them to keep our customer base informed"

"We hope to be up and back to normal as soon as we can but as its understandable, its going to be a long time before were up and running again,
2 things we're thankful for is that no one has been hurt and secondly that all of the help and effort that has been offered by everyone involved, well and truly thankful for everyones efforts and help we've received."

"We'll keep everyone informed and hope to have emails up and running soon,
Thanks to everyone again!"
- Everyone at RB Motorsport

The RB Motorsport shop served both as a distributor of performance parts and a standard garage with machining equipment, capable of doing simple in-house engineering work and engine rebuilds. This is certainly unfortunate for the shop and all of the customers that are affected. We're certainly glad no one was hurt in the fire, and hope everything gets sorted out in the end.


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