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R/C Chevy K5 Blazer attempting obstacle course is a brilliant watch

Featuring fancy off-road suspension and an optimised transmission

6w ago

The Chevrolet K5 Blazer was a brilliant two-door SUV that now holds a cult following and demands steep prices for a 50-year-old SUV. Naturally, these cultists have either purchased their dream K5 Blazer or are still saving up. In the meantime, enthusiasts can purchase a second-generation R/C Blazer from Cross RC, which appears to be plenty of fun on a homemade obstacle course as witnessed in the video below.

The vehicle in question features everything an R/C hobbyist could dream of: a detailed exterior, working headlights and a balanced chassis. As awesome as they may look, the massive mud tyres and lifted suspension do play a role in the course too as we witnessed, allowing the Blazer to crawl its way through deep mud.

Credit: Cross RC

Credit: Cross RC

The product's official name is the AT4 EMO 4WD RTR... yeah, it doesn't exactly flow off the tongue. The chassis is described to be like none other and claims to improve the durability and reliability of mechanical components, all whilst leading the pack with "climber performance". The suspension utilises a multi-link integral axle design and features a 2-speed transmission, transfer case and differential lock. Meanwhile, the steel connecting rod and the front axle is equipped with a Panhard rod, which is an uncommon but welcome sight when it comes to R/C off-roaders.

However, this exciting bit of kit may be difficult to digest at $529.99 USD (currently on sale at $429.99). It's an R/C vehicle for a niche demographic who want a taste of off-roading on a miniscule and relatively affordable scale. Nevertheless, it is one capable and playful little toy. You can read more on the endless specs and features of this vehicle by clicking here or at the bottom of the article. Note that this post was not sponsored.

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Comments (4)

  • High-class RC cars, especially climbers like this one, are bound to be deathly expensive because of the tuning required. It's definitely no bueno for most people, but for those who want one...

      1 month ago
    • That's sadly true and you are certainly correct. It's a niche hobby but those who love it are ready to gut their wallet.

        1 month ago
    • Tbh, 500 pounds is not that much

        1 month ago
  • Brilliant toys and the traxxas equivalent is brilliant too.

      1 month ago