Re writing the ecu is essential to make it all work

secondary throttle position map

Most modern super bikes are restricted and the secondary throttle position (butterfly valves) is used as part of that process by closing at the point a bike would be breaching a certain speed. It is possible to re write these maps keeping the STP open.

ignition map

Ignition is a relatively dangerous map to re write but most modern super bikes are de tuned to run on 95 ron or higher pump fuel, by re writing the ignition maps you can realise extra horse power and tune the engine to run on race fuel.

quick shifter & other tools

You can re write quickshifter times both kill duration on the fuel & ignition also enable auto blipper set the launch control & pit speed limiter

real time engine logging is essential

The ability too log engine data is essential in squeezing all available power out but also by monitoring temperatures, fuel air mixtures and target proplems at specific engine speeds

All in all most power gains can only be measured on the dyno in testing & the benefit to flash in fuel mapping directly too the ECU gives you the edge over all piggy systems such as Power Commander, Bazzaz etc.