Re-writing the retro motorsport look

Don't you find that getting that piece of retro clothing that represents your love for cars and racing that little bit tiresome? Well, that could be about to change, thanks to a company on the move - Iconic Cloth.

Okay, so this firm, run by Matt Naish, may be a small fry at the mo, but believe you me, this guy is doing retro and tribute wear right. Funnily enough, he's good mates with an Australian racing driver buddy of mine, and got in touch with regards to reviewing one of the t-shirts they sell.

I said yes, but then I had a quandry..... which one was I going to bloody well pick? However, it's wasn't long before I made my choice - The Mercedes Benz '722' 300SLR 1955 Mille Miglia Gents T-Shirt. It resonated with me for two reasons, as the manufacturer won said event that year, but I had also met the man that was the winning driver - Sir Stirling Moss.

To be honest, was I worried about waiting for the package to arrive to take my first look? Not really, as I had a feeling that it would be worth the wait. Back in October, I drove 1500 miles around Europe, visiting France (briefly), Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. Whilst I was over there, said package had arrived, and I eagerly opened it the day after arriving back home. And what I received was this!

First of all, the quality of the t-shirt itself is first class, as well as being comfortable to wear at any time. Simplicity does it complete justice, as it's there to look cool, not make a statement that everyone should know what you're wearing!

It's been through the wash many times since I received it, but it still looks the part. Yes, as a freelancer in motorsport, you have to be unbiased. But when it comes to retro clothing, I admit that I can only do one thing - digress!

The great thing that Matt did was act not only on instinct, but on sheer passion. Iconic Cloth is bringing some great lines to the market, including the following: "Speed Icons," "Vintage Motorsport," "Remove Before" and the "TT Collection."

Matt is hard at work trying to bring the cool back to retro, and I must admit, he's doing a great job so far.

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