Reaching motorcycle empyrean at 26 years old

How I arrived at a Harley-Davidson Road King still being a student

34w ago

Simple, you have a lot of money. Some people would say this, but I consider it too easy. All started when I was 14 years old, when at night my dreams were about the Yamaha Aerox 50 scooter, promised as birthday present by dad. The day arrived and I finally got my paws over the brand new Yamaha. For just two years, because when I was approaching 16, another motorbike entered my mind compulsively: the Yamaha R125. A proper proper motorbike. With -i was so excited about that- gears! There was a problem tho, I had to sell my Aerox first. Not a tough job, mopeds and scooters were still going good and I kept mine in a maniacal status, so I managed to sell it -as second hand- at a stellar price, gaining almost 300 euros!

So the balance of using a scooter for 2 years was having gained roughly 300 euros. I asked my parents to sum up Christmas and b-day presents for the motorbike, and immediately I managed to find my beloved R125, even if second-handed. "The Little", as I called it, gave me the first true riding experiences. But, when I got 18, I started gasping for a bigger, more mature bike. The time arrived to sell The Little, and after some negotiation in managed to sell it with a whopping 500 euros of profit! It was all thanks to the care that I put in it along time, but also to my newely developed marketing abilities.

I couldn't ask my parents further presents, because I was too grown up, but with ALL (and I mean, ALL) my savings I got the motorcycle that marked my riding attitude from that time on: a -again second hand- Suzuki Intruder C800. It was a chopper. Yes, i was a 20 years old boy with a chopper. Completely extra-ordinary. I kept the big fat Suzuki for another 2 years, before realizing that I could have more.

In the meanwhile I started studying AND working in summer, managing to restore some of my savings. Those savings, coupled with the amount of money made by selling the Suzuki (with another 600 euros of profit!) allowed me to grab a Triumph Speedmaster. That's right, I was owning a true Triumph being only 22 years old! Unfortunatley I was not enough experienced to choose the proper Model Year and soon I had terrible carburettor breakdowns. So I decided to change it with a newer version with fuel injection. That passage, once again, incredibily made me gain more than 500 euros. It was the bargain of the century, and I was becoming a master in buy-and-selling! I spent the total amount on a newer (but always second hand) Speedmaster, a fantastic motorbike that accompanied me for thousands of kilometers.

Time was running, and I arrived at an important milestone: the bachelor degree! Of course, i didn't want anything but a newer, bigger motorbike as graduation present. That time (I was 24) I wanted something really special. I wanted an Harley-Davidson. And I had to spend once again all the money I got, but I could only affor a second hand bargain. That bargain eventually arrived, and in my garage I could admire a Harley Dyna Super Glide. Honestly, I don't know many people who can brag to have a H-D in their garage being 24 years old. I was already in Heaven. I didn't even think that I could go further.

But my trips were becoming longer and longer and my need to achieve the perfect mile-eater motorbike was stronger day by day. I also started to gain real money by making internships in some companies, so when I arrived -two weeks ago!- at my master graduation, I decided that I could sell the Dyna for an extreme amount of money. And I managed that. I sold the motorbike for 2.000 euros more than the price I bought. It was an unbelievable bargain, and with all those money and again all my savings, I achieved the highest level of the market. A real touring bike. A Touring, indeed. A Harley-Davidson Road King, with the brand new 107ci engine.

That was it. I managed to reach the peak I always wanted to. I managed as a 26 years old student to arrive at the very top. At the empyrean of motorcycling. With an empty bank account, but who cares.

So, the answer of the beginning isn't that true. Yes, my first two motorbikes were given me as presents by my parents, but this is the prove that even being a student it's enough to have passion, care and some marketing skills (as long as some savings) to reach the highest point in the market. Second-hand by second-hand. At the end, making some calculations I realized that the total amount I spent on my 2017 Road King is almost a half of it's brand-new price. I wonder to what i'm gonna aim next year...

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