The Reactor is an aluminum show-car built by Gene Winfield at Winfield's Custom Shop for Connecticut show promoter Joe Kizis. Designed by Ben Delphia, the original name of the Reactor was the "Autorama Special." It featured a four wheel fully independent self-leveling suspension from a 1956 CitroΓ«n DS and a flat six engine from a Corvair. The low engine allowed an unusually low hood. It was a front wheel drive vehicle, and it ran inboard spot disc brakes. The car could be raised and lowered with a load leveling device which allowed a minimum ground clearance of four inches up to nine and a half inches. The hand built car featured electronically-operated doors, hood and roof. Completed in 1965, the first version was painted in green and gold Metalflake. It ran on 910 x 15 Firestone tires, made for racing at the Indianapolis Speedway. The tires were mounted on wheels of special design with air vents for better cooling.

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