read 'sled driver' online here

read sled driver online here

4y ago

The rather fantastic book by Brian Shul should be read by every fan of the SR-71 Blackbird and indeed any fan of aviation full stop.

Unfortunately the book was a limited-run print from 1992 and when copies do come up for sale they reach hundreds of pounds. There is a PDF link here so every fan of the Blackbird can read Shul's insights into just what it's like to travel at 2200mph as a 'sled' pilot. Enjoy

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Comments (3)

  • A wonderful book by a wonderful author on a wonderful subject. : )

      4 years ago
  • Thanks for the link! Always wanted to read this but the $300 cost put me off

      4 years ago
  • Top read thanks for that I'll put it in the faves bar for later

      4 years ago