Ready to rock? You can buy Alex Van Halen's Mazda RX7

This is a 1994 Mazda RX7, originally powered by the infamous Wankel 13b engine. Car people often laud the rotary engine but owners know that Wankel usually spells trouble, with its astounding fuel and oil consumption and reliability issues. Mind you, this is no ordinary RX7 because it was previously owned by Alex Van Halen, older brother of Eddie and co-founder of Van Halen, one of the most iconic rock bands ever.

The car is in good condition, painted red and devoid of any unnecessary aftermarket malarkey and the great news is, this particular RX7 isn't powered by the 252-hp 13b engine because it has been replaced with a much more reliable 6.2 L GM LS3 small-block V8 making around 450-500 hp. Now I've owned a Wankel-powered car and I can confirm that all the horror stories you've heard about it are true, which is why this is excellent news. The original five-speed manual transmission has also been replaced with a six-speed T56.

The car is up for sale in Glendale, California and it has only done 20,000 miles. It costs $44,000 and, considering the V8 and the fact that it has been owned by one of the most popular drummers in music history, that's a bargain.

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Comments (28)
  • I clicked I would but it in a heartbeat. But then I read its has a V8! 😧🤮 what a shame it's the worst engine swap. The wankel engine is what makes the car so unique. Awful.

    10 days ago
    20 Bumps
    • yeah but the Wankel engine is the worst engine in the world to own. It's fantastic in theory but in practice it is completely unreliable and supremely thirsty. You've heard the...

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      3 days ago
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    • I know you are correct about the wankel engine. It has many issues. But to replace it with a V8 is for me anyway totally wrong. The engine is what defines that car. It's what makes it...

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      2 days ago
  • Some people have no taste. It hurts to see that massive engine in an engine bay not meant for it. It’s as pointless as a 12 y.o girl with implants

    10 days ago
    14 Bumps