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My review of the 883 Iron. Sorry, it is in italian, my mother tongue.

At least here in Italy, the yankee 883 Iron is one of the most loved bikes. People says it is essential, it's rude and... it is an "affordable" Harley-Davidson. They all consider the Iron a cool bike, and it's true, it is very cute. I can see that when, some months ago, I bring one for a test ride. A lot of guys asked me informations, but not that kind of questions that only bored you, they really want to know how to have this bike. And I also saw the effect when I posted my video on YouTube: right now, with 80.000 views without any campaign, it is the most viewed and commented of my reviews. It's incredible, first of all because it is not a new bike at all!

Me watching this small and charming H-D and thinking: "Ok, I can leave my girlfriend at home, but where I'll put my luggages?"

So why so many people would like to have a motorbike that is quite heavy, slow, with a ridiculous tank capacity, costs 10.300 euros and it is sold with a solo seat? Because the Iron is cool. That's all!

Riding the Iron and trying to make my best with no ground light and an engine more quite than a grandpa.

Nobody buy the Iron for tourism or to take it on a track day. The Iron is the right bike to be the coolest guy at the pub. And in Italy being cool is very important. But there's also another reason for the success of the Iron: it is easy to drive. Also a three years old kid can ride this bike and feel himself almost a good rider. But nobody pretend you are a good rider if you are riding a bike more quite than a grandpa. The performances of the engine are perfect to chill on a secondary road or to move in the city without stress. Yes, that's count! The most important feature I noticed of the Iron it's that it is relaxing. While you are riding this small Harley you don't care about anything. No job, no bullshits, no problems, no hurry... Just you and the road. That's, in my opinion, is why everybody have to take a ride with this old school, charming baby.

Yes it is cool, nobody can deny that.

So you could ask me: "hey Motoreetto, so you're gonna buy an Iron?". No man, be serious: I am too big and I ride so much kilometers to choose a so limited bike. But I appreciate it and, maybe, when I will be a grandpa I could buy it to be the coolest one at the bowling ground.