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Rebirth of an Italian Stallion: Tomica DeTomaso Pantera Rebuild (Part 1)

Another playworn to masterpiece build gets underway

I started this project back in October of 2020, getting as far as drilling it open, wheelswapping it, and roughing out the body work on the fender flares (and mutilating the rear decklid in the process of getting off the remains of the rear wing plate.

As of January 24, 2021, when I restarted the project, I had the body sanded out better, the fender flares sanded down to look smaller and closer to original equipment (or look more like period-correct custom work), the air dam on the underside of the nose cut off, and started more work. I stripped it down and then started on the body work.

Careful application & sculpting of JB Weld steel epoxy putty ensued after I got it washed & dried fully.

After the JB Weld cured, I got the roughed-out US market 1971-73 "power bulge" rear deck lid and fender flares sanded/filed to their correct shapes, sanded the body, and filed some rough spots on the body. The saw marks in the rear hatch have also been taken care of.

I also painted the interior in accurate black with woodgrain console (the brown spot on the dash has since been painted over), and detailed out the engine compartment, complete with suggestions of empty space around the engine/gearbox, detailed engine and gearbox ancillary components, and a silver air cleaner & Ford Engine Blue valve covers on the nicely detailed 351 Cleveland V8.

I finally have it mocked up before paint in these pics. I am going to be cross-referencing Humbrol and Tamiya paint colors at my local hobby store with factory colors for 1971-73 Panteras, before I settle on and buy paint and get it painted. I am leaning toward a close match to factory Medium Green as this car's paint color, since it is an underrated, underreplicated factory color, and not cliched like Grabber Blue/Medium Blue, Black, or Red are on these, plus I'm a fan of green cars anyway.

Stay tuned for part 2!

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Comments (6)

  • This is some amazing work. The Pantera is a secret guilty pleasure of mine, and I wish there were more diecast versions of it. I have the grossly proportioned Matchbox version, but have been keeping my eyes peeled for one of these Tomica versions to do something similar to what you are doing.

    Great work on the interior and engine painting. Can't wait to see what you do in part 2!

      1 month ago
    • Thanks! These are cool cars (I've seen 3 real ones in person and photographed 2 of them) and I used to have a 1/18 Hot Wheels one, which was an L model and heavily modified, but I'd still love to have another of those.

      These Panteras are fairly...

      Read more
        1 month ago
  • Very cool project. When I was a lad and everyone else had posters of Countachs on their walls, I had a yellow Pantera on mine.

      1 month ago
    • Thanks! I had a Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost torpedo tourer and the Porsche Berlin-Rome Coupe on mine

        1 month ago
  • Wonderful job.

      1 month ago