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Meet Rosie. A 2005 land rover defender, bought in March last year. Initially I bought the Landy for work as my BMW M3 was getting absolutely hammered! After a few months the Landy got right under my skin and I fell completely in love, I even had to give her a name.

The Land Rover Defender has to be one of the most iconic and characterful designs of the century. Uncomfortable, unreliable, noisy and terrible on fuel. This is a completely accurate description, and it has become hard to imagine how one could find this seemingly terrible vehicle has become so charming and loveable to me. Loveable to extent that my beautiful Java green M3 is rarely used now in favour of the monster.

Which car would you take for a spin?

Which car would you take for a spin?

Today’s world is a fickle one, revolving around designer orientation where people are judged by the age, specification and brand of cars they drive, but, the Land Rover Defender has escaped this prejudice, regardless of age or spec the defender is widely respected and admired. Whether you’re a country bumpkin or a city goer!

Now the point is, I have fallen in love with my little Land Rover. I am however aware that she has started look a little tired with the odd battle scar or two, I have decided it is time to give Rosie a much needed make-over.
She is mechanically sound with a chassis that is remarkably rust free, therefore it’s only going to be a cosmetic refresh and restyle.

She may look like a bit of a farm hack at the moment and I do have a reputation as a faux farmer when I’m driving around, I do also use the truck for shooting too and I’m often mistaken for the gamekeeper! but when I’m finished, hopefully, this will no longer be the case! First things first, the galvanised Ifor Williams canopy needs to go!
I want to pay homage to earlier series era of land rover but retain defender functionality
So I’m choosing an old style paint colour and going back to the proper land rover split door set up with sliding windows back to the original style steel wheels

Something along these lines!

Something along these lines!

Inside I want to re work the sound proofing I do love the td5 roar but the resonations and road noise aren’t all that fun I also want to improve the sound system but I will be doing my best to make any modifications subtle as possible the seats need to be reupholstered and I’m going to upgrade them to heated seats for an extra bit of luxury!

I do have a few other modifications in mind but we will see how we go I am going to try and keep the spend as low as I can! so look out for updates looking to get started on this properly after Christmas I have already started accumulating parts for the exterior so won’t be too long before its time to paint!!

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