REBUILT LIKE A GUN. Lembinc’s ‘The Varial’ Royal Enfield Bullet Boardtracker

4w ago


One of the best things about running a motorcycle blog are the friends that we make around the world. We’re on solid beer-drinking terms with builders in the US, across Europe and Australasia. But the guys that we really love are the mad buggers from Indonesia, like the team from Lembinc, who’ve crafted up one of the most kickass Royal Enfield Bullets we’ve ever seen.

Java’s Lembinc is headed by Rizqi Patama. And the cheeky bugger isn’t even a fabricator or bike builder by trade. He works for a design agency. Although it has to be said the highlight of his year is designing the Sekepal Aspal MotoArt Exhibition in Jakarta, a huge event that brings together all the best builds from across the archipelago.


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