Record breaker: Meet the fastest SUV in the world

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3w ago


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This week: A narrow win for Bentley, the cutest Citroen ever created, a truly exciting hot hatch, and Aston’s new hypercar. This is the news.


The fastest SUV in the world. For a bit anyway.

Congratulations are due to Bentley, who this week announced the Bentayga Speed as the fastest SUV in the whole wide world.

It’s claimed the top spot by managing 190.1mph, 0.6mph more than the now apparently glacial Lamborghini Urus. The Urus, incidentally, stole the Bentayga’s original record – the Bentayga first claimed it with a 187mph top speed.

Time to be a tiny bit cynical… both Lambo and Bentley live under the same VW Group umbrella, and both have product that’s mighty appealing to a similar audience (people who want to travel far, fast).

Perhaps it was simply Bentley’s turn to be top dog? Who’ll get it next year? Lambo again? Maybe Porsche? Either way – 190.1mph is bloody quick.

J’adore L’AMI ONE

Citroen's days of making quirky cool cars are not done. Far from it, in fact. The new AMI ONE is the cutest thing the world may have ever seen (after that sneezing panda), and technically you don’t need a licence to drive it.

In France it falls under the ‘quadricycle’ rules, so anyone over 16 can have a go. It’ll do 28mph and manage 60 miles on a charge.

Citroen is considering hiring them out, rather than selling them – need a car for a quick trip to a mate’s? Done. Need a car to get you around town for a longer period of time? Also done. Renting is the new owning.

Stay Focus..ST

A new Focus ST is a big deal. Fast Focus fans will probably be dribbling at the prospect of a fresh one, as am I.

The new Focus itself is a kickass bit of kit, but a new Focus with a 280 horse 2.3-litre turbo under the hood? TAG. ME. IN. There’s even a six-speed stick and a ‘leccy diff in there. Yes please.


Aston Martin has teased a new hypercar, the Project 003. Using lessons learned from the Valkyrie, Aston is set to make a car more for the day to day rather than track hoonery. Think more Speedtail than Senna.

It’ll be limited to 500 units, and seeing as it’s already been announced they’re likely all sold. Still, there’s a new hypercar in town and the world is a better place for it, don’t you think?