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Red Bull GRC Round 10: Seattle, WA. - Evergreen Speedway

📆 EVENT DATE: Fri 9/8 - Sat 9/9

🚏 HOST TOWN: Monroe, WA.

🕙 TIME ZONE: Pacific Daylight Time (UTC -7)

✈️ NEAREST MAJOR AIRPORT: SEA (Seattle-Tacoma International Airport )

⛈ WEATHER: A mix of clouds and sun. High 73º F. Low 55º F



SUNDAY 9/10/17 QUALIFYING: Sandell Q1 | Atkinson Q4

Chris Atkinson - “It’s great for the team obviously with Patrik on pole. Both cars are quick today which is awesome. I used my tires up a little bit too much in the first session where everyone else saved them and I really think that made a huge difference. If I had done the same I think we could have been 1-2 in qualifying which would have been awesome.”

Patrik Sandell - “Super stoked about pole position, especially after kind of a rough day yesterday. I was able to show for myself the speed I knew I had, and we were again able to show that Subaru is really on a roll right now. With Chris Q1 yesterday and now I’m Q1 today. It’s a super cool feeling for the team.”

HEAT 1B: Sandell P2 | Atkinson P5

Patrik and Chris both participated in Heat 1B, with Patrik starting P1 and Atko starting P4. Both cars had good start, but Patrik was able to keep on the bumper of Foust and then passed him early on in the dirt section of lap 1. Atko took the joker on the second lap with Austin Cindric and was running P4, behind Foust. Sandell took the joker on the final lap and was able to retain P2. Foust meanwhile slowed at the finish, in an attempt to lose a position from P3 to P4, in order to achieve a better starting position in the next Heat. Atkinson saw this and tried to slow as well to prevent it from happening, but then Cindric passed both Atko and Sandell. Atko finished P5 and penalized to start from P5 in next heat.

Chris Atkinson - “I had a decent start, but it was always going to be tough from the outside there. We were running fourth early on, but then got hit by Cindric and dropped back to fifth, and then made a pass back on him to get back up to fourth. Then there was a bit of confusion at the finish line, a bit of games being played. Foust slowed down in front of me trying to strategize for later heats. Fortunately we lucked out with all that going on and the car is fine.”

Patrik Sandell - “It was a good battle with Scott and Tanner. I was not able to hunt down Scott and was able to take a safe second and I am happy with that.”

HEAT 2A: Atkinson P5 (Finished P3 and penalized)

Atko was able to get a clean start, but was pushed wide by one of the Hondas going through the first turn, leaving him P3. Atko quickly recovered and started to fight for P2. Atko would go for the joker with 3 laps to go, but upon entry bumped the Honda from behind, nearly spinning the Honda. On the final lap, Atko was able to achieve P3, but was assessed a penalty for contact, dropping him to P5 finish.

Chris Atkinson - “Pretty disappointing start to the day. We got a great launch, but had some sort of issue with the right rear tire and weren’t able to put down good lap times. I had to make some desperate moves and we ended up getting penalized for them. Now we need a really good semi to make up for it.”

HEAT 2B: Sandell P2

Patrik had a great start and slotted in right behind Foust and Speed on the first turn. Patrik then passed Foust entering the dirt for P2. For the next couple of laps, Patrik chased Speed while keeping Foust at bay behind him. He jokered on the final lap and came out in front of Foust to hold onto P2.

Patrik Sandell - “Started in the middle, so I was a little afraid that I would be smashed out in the first few corners, but I was able to go around them on the outside and gain a position so I was up in second. I was able to follow Speed all the way through to a second place finish.”

HEAT 3A: NO HEAT 3 during shortened double-header format

SEMI-FINAL 2: Sandell P1 | Atkinson P4

Sandell got a great start and took P1 on the first lap as the cars entered the dirt section of the track. Atko was in P4 with Cindric fighting from behind after he got by him. Atko and Cindric then would joker on the second lap. Sandell opted to take the joker on the second to last lap and would take P1 and a sizable lead, with Atko in P4.

Patrik Sandell - “We had a good launch and were able to stay out of trouble for the first few corners, then I was free in the front. I knew I could just put down my own pace and go; and we gapped them. That was a good feeling.”

Chris Atkinson - “It was always going to be hard from the last position and I managed to climb to P4. I did everything I could, but just couldn’t get past anyone else. That’s the game now, and we’ve got a pretty average starting position for the final, but you never know what could happen.”

FINAL: Sandell P3 | Atkinson P5 (Finished P4 but received a penalty)

Patrik had a poor start, falling back to P5, but was able to regain 2 positions for P3 before the jump on the first lap. Atko and Dejong got into it on the final corner of the first lap with Dejong falling back wide and Atko gaining the position (Atko would later be penalized by this visibly light contact). By the halfway point in the race, Patrik had retained P3 and Atkinson was in P5 catching Arpin, who had already taken his joker. Atko would take the joker on Lap 7, while retaining P5 in front of Cindric. With 2 to go, Atkinson was able to move up to P4. Sandell took the Joker with 1 lap to go, following Speed to finish in P3. Atko was just behind in P4.

Chris Atkinson - “Awesome final from our position in the third row. We made it up to fourth place, just behind Patrik. Another podium for the team is mega, and it’s just been a great weekend all-around. We’re happy with the podium Saturday and it’s a great result for the team. Where we’ve been all weekend, with taking pole, then winning the earlier races, just shows we’re there at the top now. The team has worked so hard all season and we know we have more speed to find yet with this chassis.”

Patrik Sandell - “We were able to manage the first few corners very well, which was my biggest worry this weekend because it’s such a rough first few turns and people are a bit crazy there. After that things really settled down and I was able to put down some good laps. We had a really good joker strategy that race and I just tried to bring it home. That was a good one.”

“It was a great weekend for the team. We are really starting to show our speed now, these Subaru WRX STI rallycross cars are really amazing and getting faster all the time. Thank you to Subaru and the team in Vermont for all the effort. For both Chris and I to earn a pole and a podium here is fantastic and we have a lot of confidence now.”

Rob Weir (Motorsports Marketing Director at Subaru of America) - “The Subaru rallycross program is now seeing the fruits of two years worth of race development with our technical partner Vermont SportsCar, combined with great driving by Atko and Sandell. It was great to put on a strong showing for our Subaru fans this weekend.”

Lance Smith (Vermont SportsCar Owner) - “We’re coming away with a feeling of consistency and speed. So, both cars ran well all weekend and were competitive each time they went out there. Now, it’s not just one car. Both cars are equal and the drivers are equal. We have a very strong package in the team right now and something to build on. We need to work on our launches and develop what we have more, but we’re in the hunt and we have surpassed the other competitors that we were mixing up with before, now it’s just the VW’s that are the fastest. It’s been really good and we’ve made huge improvements over the last 8 weeks.”

Reported by Vermont SportsCar Communications

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