- Helmut Marko and Christian Horner support the idea of hiring a lawyer as they display their reasons on why they think so (Image - Racing News 365)

Red Bull hire a lawyer to investigate the controversial crash at British GP

Red Bull has not backed down since the crash at Silverstone which sent their top driver, Max Verstappen, flying off-track track and into the hospital

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Following the crash between title battlers, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen in Lap 1 of the British Grand Prix, much speculation and debates have taken place between angry fans, teams and drivers. Therefore, Red Bull has hired a lawyer to investigate the crash with the sports law.

Helmut Marko explains the reason they hired a lawyer.

“He [the lawyer] should check what you could do in such a situation within the framework of the sports law”

He felt that Lewis Hamilton should have received a race suspension instead of the penalty he was given. Marko reiterated why he felt so.

“We are lucky that nothing serious has happened to Max. The car is broken and the engine probably too. You can't let that sit on you. A suspension would be justified”

He further gave his thoughts on the 10-second time penalty that the Briton received instead and contrasted that with Perez' penalties from the race before.

“That’s ridiculous. But maybe the regulations are also to blame for being relatively restricted. The law should be revised, including the stewards’ system”

“Perez got five seconds twice in Austria because there was marginal contact without anyone flying off. You could have given a drive-through penalty plus ten seconds for Hamilton. But they didn’t do that either”

Marko finally summed up his statements by explaining how serious the issue is.“Max was on his line, where Hamilton was, he has to lift off the throttle. You cannot hit your opponent on the rear wheel in one of the fastest corners, the lightest touch has fatal consequences. So, an irresponsible action. Hamilton needs to know what the consequences are."

Christian Horner further supported the idea of hiring a lawyer as he was also furious against people visiting the stewards during important decision-making.

He was furious at the way Mercedes F1 Team Principal, Toto Wolff, was able to speak to the stewards after the controversial incident involving the two drivers.

After Toto Wolff was advised by Michael Masi to go and speak to the stewards, Christian walked on down to make sure that his team’s views were not looked over or ignored. Now Horner thinks that teams should not have direct access to stewards amid certain circumstances.

“I saw Toto, who was lobbying the stewards, and I heard he was going there to do it, so I went to make sure that our view was represented,” explained Horner about why he was spotted at the stewards.

“I don't think it's right that a team principal should be able to go and lobby the stewards. They should be locked away so that they're not influenced.

“For me, it was unacceptable that he had gone up there to lobby the stewards. I wanted to make sure that there was a balanced opinion given, rather than trying to influence pressure on the stewards to make a menial sentence.” Horner strongly closed off. Week by week the title fight grows stronger and becomes more tension-filled, Mercedes and Red Bull might be battling it out on the track, but they are fighting each other more off of it.

Will Red Bull finally get the justice they hope for?

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