Red Bull Racing 2018 concept livery vote: Which one is your favourite?

1y ago


Welcome to part three of our off-season livery project as we try to stave off the boredom of having no Formula 1 to entertain us through the winter months.

As you will know if you have seen our Mercedes and Ferrari efforts, each week our design guru Sean Bull will pick an F1 team and knock up several potential designs for next year's car, then you can vote for your favourite.

Sean will then take the vote winner, and work it up into a full livery set, showing the car off from every angle.

Once the real car is revealed in the new year, we can compare and decide who designed it better.

This week it's the turn of Red Bull Racing - and Sean has created some belters to choose from, with each one taking into account the team's close tie-up with Aston Martin.

To vote for your favourite, click the vote box above the top right hand corner of each image.

Sean will create the full livery based on the winner and publish it next week right here on DriveTribe.

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