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‘Red Bull Stars in Shanghai Surprise’ ? ‘Red Bull in a China Shock’? Sorry, but it really was a cracker. Oops. Done it again. Every now and then F1 comes up with a thriller. And thank heavens for that. No more fretting over ‘halos’ or groaning about grid girls (or absence of), no more cringing over the theme music. Liberty is at hand! And it came in the form of a plucky, ebullient smiling Aussie called Danny Ric, with a little help from a thoroughbred racing team instead of an corporate entity. Well yes, what is Ferrari if not a thoroughbred stallion? But like a little child with an angry parent it quakes beneath the ever watchful gaze of a tyrant. Petrified of incurring displeasure, it says nothing but does everything to please its masters. It is not independent in the way Red Bull is. And that is where the plucky Milton Keynes Pirates had one over on Ferrari and the Mighty Mercedes machine. For when opportunity came knocking in the form os a safety car, they didn’t ever miss a beat. With nothing to lose other than a few measly points for fifth - or some-such crumbs - they double pitted their cars. Genius. On lovely fresh sticky rubber Danny Ric ripped through the field like a fox with his tail on fire. With perfect poetic timing Valtteri Bottas, who had (up until then) done everything to shake off the stigma of a man too afraid to win being permanently pinned to his behind, was now faced with the spectre of his recent nightmares about to eat him up whole. But what to do? Do what comes instinctively and behave like the perfect gentleman he is? Or grow horns, a tail, and cloven hooves? Sport, they say, doesn’t build character. It shows character. And Valtteri Bottas could turn into Michael Schumacher no more easily than I could fly to the moon without the help of Elon Musk. So he squeezed the suicidal Ricciardo as much as he dared before thoughts of the consequences overrode his inner fiend and averted catastrophe. But it had all been pre-ordained, because Danny had planted the seeds of certainty beforehand (in every drivers’ mind) by asserting that he would always commit, totally and completely, without a moment’s hesitation, after Valtteri’s mild mannered attack on Vettel in Bahrain. In his position, he confirmed, he would have gone for glory. And so, like Achilles, he was true to his word. And Valtteri did what his inner sane person told him to do. He moved over rather than bring them both crashing to the ground. More of a Dedalus, perhpas? But that is nothing to be ashamed of. It was an heroic performance from both of them. But Danny stole the shuey. #f1

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  • Hi congratulations - your post has been selected by DriveTribe F1 Ambassador for promotion on the DriveTribe homepage.

      3 years ago
  • I was afraid that it will be another procession race, but fove pieces of carbon fibre turned it to a thriller! And honey badgers always shine in a thriller...

      3 years ago
  • Fantastic year so far. This race was excellent although there would have been arguments between seb and max after the race

      3 years ago
  • I watched the video of the overtake. Bottas strangely did not squeeze him or move over to let him by. He went into the corner with a line and stuck with it. Great move by Danny, did spectacular moves today. I hope he and Max can make it a three way fight for their constructors championship.

      3 years ago