Red Bull’s Helmut Marko says F1 is ‘too strenuous for women’

24w ago


Red Bull F1 motorsports consultant Helmut Marko thinks Formula 1 is “too strenuous for women.”

"These are huge physical demands, and that is maybe too difficult and too strenuous for women," Marko told Austrian newspaper Kleine Zeitung when asked whether he foresaw a female driver taking part in a F1 race.

"If you're driving at 300km/h and have a wheel-to-wheel fight then brutality is part of it," he explained. "I do not know if that's in the female nature."

"There are now power brakes, but still you have to go in there with a lot of effort,” he added "You're encased, and temperatures in the cockpit are 40, 50 degrees. The hot cables run past you. We've seen top drivers who were just about to collapse in Singapore, and I think the physical strain is way too big [for women drivers.]

"You have to be fit in Formula 1, and you need an insane power from the shoulder," he said.

Marko added that the old Gösser Curve at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, Austria put drivers under 4G of acceleration.

"These are huge physical demands," he said. "And that is maybe too difficult and too strenuous for women."

Marko asked rhetorically: "Why do we not see Serena Williams versus Novak Djokovic in tennis?"

The new all-female W Series set to launch at Hockenheim next month.

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