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Red Bull's protest rejected by FIA

The crash at Silverstone left many fans, including Red Bull themselves angry. Here's how the appeal that Red Bull submitted went.

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Following the appeal written by Red Bull on fining a heavier penalty for Lewis Hamilton after the crash at Silvertone last week, the FIA had scheduled a hearing on Thursday yesterday.

The crash occurred during the opening lap in Britain. As Verstappen and Hamilton were fighting for first place, the Dutchman's rear tyre hit Hamilton's tyres, causing Max to go spinning and sent to the hospital and 1.8 million pounds of damage.

For the hearing, Red Bull tried their best to produce more evidence. For example, Alex Albon was asked to reenact the incident using the RB15 to collect evidence.

This new evidence, however, was not available at the time and according to the team. The new evidence was to show that Hamilton was completely to blame. Red Bull hoped that the protest would result in Hamilton being suspended for a race.

In the end, the protest was an unsuccessful one for Red Bull as the FIA did not accept the request for a heavier penalty. According to the stewards, Red Bull did not provide significant additional evidence.

Verstappen will therefore have to increase his lead over his title rival with a victory on Sunday at Hungary.

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