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Red Carpet Car Anthems

50w ago


I'm desperate and so I'm reaching out to the collective Drive Tribe brains' trust.

Here’s my problem. I’m driving a friend’s daughter and her beau to their end of secondary school formal dinner in my BMW i8 and I believe the doors should open to some cool music… but what? What's a cool red carpet car anthem?

Let me begin by adding that I realise what I think’s “cool” is unlikely to be the same as an eighteen year old’s. Take, for example, when I drove my daughter to a similar event. I eventually got her permission to use “Bad Moon Rising” by Creedance Clearwater Revival as I opened the doors to let her out. I thought it was cool and in, recent years, she’s begun to talk to me again; so all good, right? Well, this time around it’s a work friend's daughter and her beau, so musical choice is critical. This could be my career on the line.

BMW i8 - Too cool or not too cool? That is the question... for another time.

I know that many may also add the BMW i8's not a cool car. I hear you, I do, but today's discussion not about the car's coolness per se, but the music. However, if you want to add your cool car as well as your cool music in the comments, then I think that's a double bonus.

Now a bit of background before everyone starts typing. The audience, such as the other parents and teachers, are a tad conservative and my work friend has other children at the same school. Therefore may I please request the music should refrain from profane language, anti-whatever, punk, abusive or offensive lyrics. Likewise, the music shouldn’t be embarrassing either teenagers or parents (e.g. “Let’s Get Physical”), but it can come from any era, even classical, and should be recognisable by the audience… who will then smile on hearing it.

You get the drift. Good, fun, *clean* music. But cool, right?

What's been suggested already? Well, my boss, after knowing I’d be taking them in my BMW i8, suggested “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.” But he drives a tuned Golf R *wagon*, so I'm automatically suspicious if this should be counted as cool or not. Her father suggested “Grease Lightning”, to keep the car theme, and I’m partial to “Some Nights” by Fun (despite the one f-bomb). This should give you, dear readers, a clue to just how much use we old farts are.

Finally, if one of your suggestions is taken up, my friend has given the OK for it to be filmed and published here on Drive Tribe. So what more do you need? Go for it.

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