When we arrived (with what, I'll explain soon) the Subaru club was driving on the runway. Yes, this meeting is at the Tököl airport, and everybody parked on the runway. Cool, isn't it?

They brought the cool Bugeye here too.

I've never seen the new NSX in person before. I've to admit, it's pretty cool, but I'm still in love with the first generation of it.

See? Much better.

Attention to the number plates...

Why so sleepy?

A full stock Silvia. It's rare.

6th gen Civics are aging well. This is my favourite generation of the Civic, I think.

Don't hide behind the grass, I can see you!

More Silvia, this time, not so stock.

But this was the most amazing car of the show: a 2010 Toyota Century with a 5 litre V12! In Hungary! I've never thought that a car like this going to be here. I mean, if you want to see these, you need to travel to Japan.

Nothing to see, just an R34 in it's natural environment: next to a drift track.

Pop-up gang, but this time not with Miatas.

Another cool amateur driftcar.

This USA spec Accord looks really nice with the bronze wheels.

Now, this is the car why this meet had a higher concern to me: my father bought this 1982 Honda Accord last year, in December. Full review of the car coming soon!

There was an amateur drift track, for the amateurs, obviously. You can drift here with whatever you want. Supra? Ok. Daihatsu Applause? No problem! (The funny thing is that the Applause was better than the Supra...).

And there was the pro drift track, where the “big fishes “were playing.

​The full team of the pro league.

So, this was Red Sun Fest 2019, the meet of the Japanese car community, in Hungary. If you liked this article, please leave a bump, join if you're new, and feel free to write a comment. Thanks for reading!

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