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Redefining GT: Mclaren's new Supercar

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Over the years, the supercar industry has evolved. After all, if it didn't, it would cease to exist. Supercars used to be luxury cars with huge V8's planted at the front, but over recent years, leather has been swapped with alcantara, wood swapped with carbon, as the cars get increasingly track focused. Mclaren though, seems to have remembered the luxury era, and they made a car that reminds us of that era. But this time there's a twist. This is an entirely new take on luxury. This is the Mclaren GT.

Mclaren GT front end - https://www.motor1.com/photo/4096530/2019-mclaren-gt/

Following the Speedtail, the GT is all part of their grand 2025 business plan, and is a supercar for those looking for a more comfortable alternative to cars like the 720S, 600LT, 570S, and Senna. Despite being aimed at a specific market though, the GT shares a lot with its Mclaren brothers. It features the familiar Mono-cell II monocoque, and sports the 4.0 litre twin turbo Mclaren V8 that we've grown to love, only now the V8 will be less powerful, as the V8 produces 'just' 620 hp in this variant, regardless, the unit is still capable of propelling the GT from 0-60 in 3.2 seconds, but it will be slightly quieter, as Mclaren have lowered the exhaust in this car, to make room for more space inside- and space is a big talking point of the GT. Due to the lowered exhaust, there's a 420 liter storage compartment stowed at the rear, and a second storage compartment is neatly placed at the front, adding yet another 150 liters, making a total of 550 liters of storage in the GT, a significant leg up from the likes of the 570GT, with its 370 liters.

Mclaren GT trunk photo - https://www.motor1.com/news/349654/mclaren-gt-unveiled-official-details/

Inside, the GT is completely leather-clad, and designed for long-distance cruising. The GT also features the latest tech from Woking, including their new electrochromic glass that can change its shade with the push of a button as an option. Mclaren also promises that inside the GT will be very quiet, as the GT uses engine mounts half as stiff as they are in the 600LT.

It seems very nice, but all this in a supercar? It seems wrong. Too perfect. Almost, german.