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Hi everyone, I’m Wayne. I have something new for you this time around which I can only sum up in three words…Life, Cars and Gaming. Enjoy.

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You’ve reached the peak of the pyramid in society. You have it all, from the best business partners to the vacation penthouses to the very best in support systems, your very own trauma team package which makes platinum seem like the general public’s health support service. But you still have the need for pure forms of adrenaline pumping excitement. What do you do? Money is no object but your gearhead roots urge you to jump in something that takes you back to a younger, purer, rubber and gas burning output. Your roots win.

You find yourself in the premium tour of the showroom looking at the Aerondight, the ultimate symbol of having it all, that you can get behind the wheel of. You gaze at it and all the other models Rayfield is offering, from flying to racing barges with hefty price tags, extreme performance and mind numbing luxury. Then you spot it….the one thing they don’t want you to see because they feel it is beneath you. Meant for rich kids and flashy celebrities. The Rayfield Caliburn. You scan it, look it over once and are sold almost immediately. Handing over a blank credit chip, you proceed to shoo the salesman away, enter the vehicle and drive to the exit...LOVE…

Naturally, this is a very specific something that you could live out only in Cyberpunk , a Role-Playing video game recently released by CD Project Red. Maybe not quite in exactly the same fashion as I’ve so colourfully described, but yes, the car is available in game for well over 100k eurodollars/eddies from one of the many fixers in game.

The Rayfield Caliburn is akin to cars like the Koenigsegg Jesko, Henessey Venom GT, Rimac C2, and the …...cars meant for one thing and one thing only. Ultimate speed, performance and thorough enjoyment. Also bringing a sense of exclusivity only achieved when owning something only few can afford to even consider

The Caliburn happens to be the fastest car in the game, running on a fuel of the future, Choo2, and has the capabilities of a motorbike on the very stable platform of 4 wheels. Top Speed, 211mph. That’s roughly 330km/h……….mind bendingly quick, and nothing to scoff at…..visual styling is subtle but striking all at once. With a similar door hinge action as the Koenigsegg Gemera and sections in matt black and others is deep chrome black, sharp edges and fast lines, wild front end and mad rear splitters. It is quite something. Setup is AWD, Mid engine, with a power figure over 1500.

For more wild, fan driven information, visit the car's very own fandom at cyberpunk.fandom.com/wiki/Rayfield_Caliburn . Linking you another gem from cyberpunk soon Chooms {yes, the games characters rubbed off on my slang too}.

Author: Wayne Klinkenberg

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