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Reducing my collection!

"I will never ever sell off is my Michael Schumacher, Ross Brawn, and Felipe Massa signed Enzo"

So I have not been sharing much lately to the group as I have had a lot of things going on that have been keeping me from posting. But, since this is a somewhat free day for me, I have decided to jump on and do something to share. So, with that, I have been going through my things and have decided to move more of my collection of Automobilia. Why? Well long story short, I plan to move in about 3-5 years and it will be a move where the less I have, the less money I will have to spend on the move.

I know my collection isn't huge, but I also know that what I have will mean that I will have to rent a larger box truck to move it. So in order to keep myself from throwing away money, as I like to buy things on the cheap, the conclusion has come that the collection will need to be greatly reduced in order to save me some big money on the move. We don't know where we will move to as of yet, but I know for sure that it will not be anywhere within the border of California. Time for a change. Yes California has just about everything you could want, with so many places to visit and see, but as I have been here my entire life, I, along with my wife want to get out of here and go see what else there is out there and find a place to replant ourselves without so much drama. By drama, I mean that I need to get away from the crazy mindset of the people here. But that's a topic that isn't relevant, so I will no longer make any comment on that topic.

Hot Wheels Ferrari 250 GTO/Enzo set

Hot Wheels Ferrari 250 GTO/Enzo set

As I have been going through the collection, I have already moved out about 90% of the Hot Wheels Collection. Mainly I collected Ferrari's, but also had included some Lamborghini's, Bugatti's, F1 Cars, Indy Cars, American Trucks, Some Ducati's and a few others. I had about 3000-5000 pieces in that part of the collection alone. I had purchased many of the Ferrari's for a project that I had an idea for, but was never able to get to where I could actually get it started. I had started listing them mid 2016 into my eBay store, and all I have to say is, I made a lot of money off of those little cars. The Ferrari Set above was one of my favorite pieces, but if I am to reduce what I have, it needed to go. I had actually purchased these by the case, direct from Mattel, when I had my brick & mortar business some years ago. It only lasted a few years as the U.S. economy killed it. So I closed up and moved on.

Another thing I was rather enjoying to collect were Books and Magazines. I mainly bought Books on Ferrari, but as far as my magazine collection, I preferred Cavallino, Forza, Car Kulture Deluxe, 'Ol Skool Rodz, Traditional Rod and Culture, Garage Style Magazine, and some on the subject of Custom Trucks. The sad part, I never read! Reading has never been something I could do for very long periods of time. I think in my life I have maybe read about 10 books from cover to cover and actually enjoyed doing it. The other books have been a little read of this, a little read of that. I am more of a hands on guy. So of course I have decided this part of the collection also needed to be greatly reduced. I currently have all of my Cavallino issues in my eBay store. I sold off what issues I was able to acquire of the Ferrari Magazine, The Prancing Horse. Those went rather fast, and 1 buyer in the UK bought most of those.

One of my favorite things to collect has been 1:18 Die-cast. Since the mid '90's I have collected some great stuff. Nothing too fancy, but great. this collection also mainly consisted of Ferrari's. At one time I had upwards of 200 pieces. Sometime about 10 years ago or so I had decided to reduce that to 99% red only pieces. Then I was able to buy some pieces that I wanted in the $200-400 range to add to my collection. But as I tend to move a lot, I have never really had the opportunity to display it. All the more reason why I have decided to sell most of it off. I say "most of it" as I will be keeping some of my most memorable pieces. These will include my Mario Andretti Ferrari 312 PB that he signed for me when I was volunteering at Laguna Seca Raceway. I think that piece was signed in 2009. Another piece, that will stay is the Ferrari F40 that I was able to get signed by the designer himself, Leonardo Fioravanti. That was an awesome experience. I also have a couple of AUTOart Lamborghini's that were signed by Valentino Balboni that I will keep, but the 1 thing I know that I will never ever sell off is my Michael Schumacher, Ross Brawn, and Felipe Massa signed Enzo. I had to attend the 2006 Indianapolis F1 Race, and the SKUSA event in Las Vegas to get those signatures. Schumacher signed a few items at the SKUSA event for me. So obviously those will not be sold either. I have already listed about 20 pieces and have sold most of that off, but I have many more to get listed and moved out to another happy home.

Well, in order to not make this a ridiculously long read, I will end on this. This week I am currently working on listing my books. I have started with some of the not so highly sought after books, but have thrown in a few decent ones in the mix. I am debating on continuing until I have them all listed, or mixing it up a bit. Maybe next I will list more of my 1:18's. Then more magazines. Then back to the books. I decide things on a whim and just run with it. So in conclusion, Thank you for reading my short write up and if you are curious to know what I have for sale in my eBay store, www.ebay.com/usr/speed-trap73 - I will ship anywhere!

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