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Reep grOup are taking the uk by storm. So whats in store for 2017?

Good morning MOD tribe. We are now into a new year & with that comes many new & exciting things. Whether it's new technology, products, services or events. There is always something new to learn, or to be apart of. But with a company called Reep Group, their taking 2017 by the scruff of the neck & making it their own. But the question is, who is Reep? What do they do & what exactly are they planning for 2017? Well hopefully, I can answer your questions below & fill you in on their plans for the coming year.

Reep Group are a company who specialise in Surface Technology in the B2C retail sector, B2B sector & Private Clientele in the luxury vehicle market in the United Kingdom. Whether you're buying your brand new car from a dealership or looking to have your vehicle detailed/paint protection filmed, chances are The Reep Group's Detailing Teams are looking after the vehicle before you even step inside it. You're probably thinking, "that's a pretty big claim for a company I've never heard of”, well you might of heard of them through the brands they either own, or are associated with. Brands such as:

Swissvax UK

Gtechniq Platinum Series

Koch-Chemie UK

ProFilms UK

LLumar Paint Protection Films

APM Customs (Vehicle Wrapping Technology)

Due to this, Reep are the powerhouse known for providing Swissvax & Gtechniq Platinum into large enterprise size organisations. As well as motor manufacturers & dealer groups of the luxury car market in the UK, they currently hold a 55% presence of the luxury car dealership marketplace. Making them the largest single player in the sector of Paint Protection services of luxury waxes, Ceramic coatings & self-healing Paint Protection Films.

And The Reep Group are not stopping there. They have now created bespoke Detailing Centre's across the whole of the UK. Covering luxury detailing, paint protection film design/installation, vehicle wrapping & vehicle surface refinishing. For the discerning client, looking for a more personal, bespoke, one to one level of service. After a quick Google search, these centre's can be found in Scotland, North Yorkshire, the North West & the recently finished Midlands location.

Over the last 12 months, these luxury sites have proven a huge success & I have now been told it's time to expand Reep into the southern territory. So as of April 2017, I'm happy to announce there will be a Reep South East to add to their portfolio. To find out more on their next chapter, I took a trip to their newest development "Reep Midlands". Based on Chartwell Drive, Leicester, Reep's newest centre is well worth taking a good look at! With a clients reception area, warm and welcoming offices & a completed vehicle presentation area, that would put some pretty nice hotels to shame so it is well worth looking at! Remember, this isn't a luxury hotel, this is where you come to have your pride & joy cleaned! A luxury "spa for your car", you wish was actually for you!

With Reep Midlands only just about to have its grand opening (register by contacting Reep Midlands on 0116 344 0096) The South East HQ is already under construction! Like all of the Reep facilities, SE will be a complete reflection of its brothers & sisters of the North. Housing a bespoke set up to tailor the need of the following:

-Vehicle surface refinishing (Paint correction, surface enhancement & wet sanding)

-New vehicle protection preparation.

-Advance vehicle surface protection (9H coating, nano coating, bespoke waxes)

-Interior & exterior deep cleaning (Engine compartment, chassis, wheel removal, suspension & callipers)

-LLumar self healing paint protection film (design, plotting & custom pieces)

-Windscreen protection film.

-Vehicle wrapping & livery.

-Covered vehicle transportation.

On top of this, each site is Swissvax Authorised, Gtechniq Approved, Koch-Chemie 1K Nano Approved & are a Llumar Authorised Fitment Centre (AFC). Meaning all services are warranted to the highest degree. Making Reep centres the trusted, go-to brand, nationwide. Though I'm not allowed to release the actual location of their new South East HQ, I have been told it's going to be live early spring. They are already taking depositary bookings for the guys & girls who want to catch the early bird train.

The future is looking promising for the luxury car care specialists, who are taking the UK by storm. From what I've seen, they're not slowing down either. With more locations in the pipe line & some pretty impressive concepts on untapped areas in the UK Market, Reep is definitely worth keeping a close eye on. After spending some time at their new Midlands facility. I have a sneaky suspicion you won't be able to visit a county or city, without the "Reep" brand being present.

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