Reflecting on Formula One's first Qualifying outing at the Mugello Circuit

Hopefully it's a bit more than just a "driver's circuit"

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There have been many "firsts" in 2020, and this week-end, Formula one is adding yet another to the list: for the first time in Formula One history, the motorsport is racing at the stunningly beautiful Mugello Circuit in Tuscany, Italy; a wonderful locale for Ferrari's 1000th Formula One race. If the name of the circuit sounds familiar, you probably remember Clarkson and Hammond messing around on it during their "Perfect Road Trip 2" special. That ended quite immaturely, however...

Today however, we experienced qualifying for the Grand Prix, but right now, I'm not sure I'd add the circuit to the regular season calendar.

First thing's first, I was very happy with the excitement brought by qualifying today. George Russell's off-road-fastest-lap, Lewis Hamilton's mighty pole (although it is disappointing for Bottas who didn't even get a chance to fight back), Charles LeClerc somehow ending up "best of the rest"--the circuit is exquisite when it comes to watching drivers at their very best. However, as tight, twisty, and tricky as the track may be, it brings about the impression that overtaking will be difficult, and the race perhaps forgetful from a fan's perspective. Perhaps I was spoiled by the Italian GP last week, but even so, it feels a tad tight for today's F1 cars to properly overtake. Nonetheless, it will be very interesting to see if LeClerc can get anything out of the Ferrari after qualifying fifth on the grid. With both Mercedes and both Red Bulls locking out the front rows respectively, it'll be an exciting first corner! I hope Ferrari do not race like The Stig in that little Fiat Abarth however...

If you would like to marvel at the brilliance of the Mercedes W11, enjoy Hamilton's superb pole lap below!

Hopefully the Tuscan GP proves me wrong! I am excited to see how its opening F1 Grand Prix turns out! Forza mille, Ferrari!

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  • F3 and F2 were brilliant, but I can't expect F1 to have a lot of action.

      1 month ago


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