Regera atop the holy trinity

The cutting edge of road car innovation has 1800 horsepower and will do 255 mph.

4y ago

The Regera is mad genius Christian von Koenigsegg’s entry into the hybrid hypercar battle with Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche. Due to the fact that his opponents are some of the finest builders in the world, the Swede needs to make a statement. To this end, the Regera comes with a combined 1500 horsepower and 1500 lb/ft of torque from its twin turbocharged 5 litre V8 and 3 electric motors. If you don’t take the differing power bands of the two systems into account, it has 1800. That’s the power of two P1s, and the Regera only weighs 200 lbs more. Even the track versions of the P1, 918 and LaFerrari can’t touch it for power. Imagine if Koenigsegg builds a Regera R!

The Regera has all the (un)usual Koenigsegg innovations like hollow carbon fibre wheels and triplex suspension (a third shock absorber horizontally connected to the top of the one on each rear wheel). However, it also has some features that have never been seen on a production road car. Its Koenigsegg Direct Drive (KDD) system has only one gear, and uses the electrics for propulsion under 30 mph. After that, the hydraulic coupling that links the gasoline engine to the electric system locks, and wheel speed rises proportionally with engine speed. Koenigsegg calls the Regera the world’s first fully roboticized car, which is a fancy way of saying that the body panels are on hydraulic arms and car be opened remotely from your smartphone. Which is nice.

Just as impressive as the Regera’s 255 mph top speed is the youth of Koenigsegg’s company and the things that it’s achieved. Horacio Pagani may mill his own wheel nuts from solid titanium but Christian von Koenigsegg (along with the many talented people he employs) designs and builds his own engines, wheels, transmissions and more. The man is an Elon Musk figure, but where Musk wants to save the environment and help humankind leave earth (becoming astronomically wealthy in the process), von Koenigsegg just wants to go as fast as possible in the coolest car possible. The cutting edge of road car innovation today has 1800 horsepower and will do 255 mph.

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