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Regera KNC: Koenigsegg Naked Carbon

It’s Beautiful and First of its Kind

Recently a customer in Switzerland took delivery of his Regera. The customer’s specification is Complete Naked Carbon Fibre. This specification of complete carbon fibre is not new for cars at all. But actually, for Koenigsegg this is a first.

Koenigsegg has a process that is different. How? Well it is a tedious and hellish process. Usually, there is an epoxy coating that protects the bare carbon fibre. To get to bare or naked carbon, one has to sand layer by layer of the coating to reach the naked carbon skin. And since this is done by hand, one wrong move and the entire panel of carbon fibre is ruined and one has to start again on a new one.

The result is awesome - it looks fabulous and the car is lighter - 44 Pounds lighter, I wish I could lose that much weight. It has a nice metallic weave finish, the description of which in a word is - gorgeous. On the plus side this Regera is much more resistant to rock chips compared to regular finishes. I am not sure how but, this sure is an awesome result.

The car shares the blood of its predecessor hypercars when it comes to being fast and is unique in its own way - it has 1500 horses in power from a twin turbo 5 litre V8 and three electric engines attached to a direct drive transmission (1 gear). Yes, one gear. The engine has 0 issues to take it to 248 miles per hour and will take it from 150kmph to 250kmph in just 3 seconds. I bet it will go faster now.

The philosophy of Koenigsegg is to explore extremes, and I do believe that is the case here just in terms of car presentation.

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  • you’d have to anchore the thing at a mild breeze 😂

      2 years ago