Reinventing the childhood crush

Starting from a childhood hero to get to a speed hero

(The image that you see is the first screenshot of this project that is still in progress)

I grew up with my father's BMW E30 320IS. This was a particular sport edition of the iconic BMW E30 3er series sold only in Italy and Portugal due to excessive taxes pending on cars equipped with engines larger than 2000 cm3.

As everybody knows, the legendary M3 E30 was equipped with the iconic BMW S14B23 engine, that had a displacement of a little bit more than 2300 cm3 (2302 cm3). So, BMW developed a de-stroked version of this engine that could be relatively easy to afford for italian and portuguese driving enthusiasts. Its name was S14B20 capable of 192 horsepower (96 hp/liter, about 30 years ago, without variable valve timing systems).

My father had a beautiful black E30 320IS that brought me everywhere during my first childhood. I think that most of my passion for cars comes from it. That car left a permanent sign.

When my father sold that car i was still a baby but it was a hard knock for me. There was something magic in that car and only children can catch the magic that is inside things.

So, i grew up, i completed my high school studies, my passion for cars grew up as i physically and mentally grew up and i chose to study mechanical engineering. It was so simple, that car signed my life in a massive way due to influence my university studies.

After 20 years from that moment i'm now here and i'm trying to develop (to build further) something that is a "reinvention" of that childhood crush.

The starting point is a tube chassis that resembles dimensions and proportions of the BMW E30 that will host

(Brought by GM site)

(Brought by GM site)


Exactly a GM LS376/525 crate engine that will be capable of 525 hp with great reliability and great tuning potential. It will be mated with a Tremec T56 six speed transmission with a rear limited slip differential.

It will be an amazing thing. Suspension will be McPherson strut in the front and a pushrod scheme in the rear section. Wheels will be golden BBS (of course) LM 18".

The powertrain is greatly heavy that will weigh something north 240 kgs, so i thought that the radiator will go in the trunk to try to improve the weight balance. I will develop also some scoop to feed the radiator (of course).

The final car will be very light (something like 970 kgs), very powerful (525 hp) and it will be a great supercar-killer.

Technically is not an E30, but this is my reinvention of a childhood crush.

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