Rejoice: 2023 Corvette Z06 set to have 8,600rpm redline

It's official! Chevrolet teaser has confirmed the 'Vette monster's engine will rev all the way to 8,600rpm

13w ago

Chevrolet is all set to take the covers off the much-awaited Corvette Z06 on October 26. In a latest teaser, Chevy has teased that the Z06's engine will rev all the way till 8,600rpm. Gulp.

In the video we can see that the engine revs till 8,500rpm. However, a subsequent announcement from Chevrolet stating - a new video dropping "8,600 minutes" - could've revealed the Z06's redline.

While the teaser only shows silhouettes of the car alongwith the glorious noise of the flat-plane V8 engine, eagle-eyed viewers have noticed that the teaser also gives us a glimpse into the Z06 convertible. Lovely.

All will be revealed on October 26 when the Corvette Z06 will debut in all its glory. We can't wait!

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Comments (4)

  • Eh. I don’t care about revs. I care about torque. And with DOHC and a flat plane now instead of pushrods and a cross plane, the power to torque ratio is going to be way off and it’s going to sound like a Ferrari and not a muscle car. I’m disappointed.

      3 months ago
  • I got to see a camouflagedC8 winter testing 2yrs ago near Pittsburg PA. The guy saw me freaking out next to him trying to get a cellphone pic, and took off like a rocket. It sounded like thunder, not like a Ferrari. Cool engine, but the Corvette has always been a brute, not really too sophisticated, it's American after all

      3 months ago
  • finally something good after the mid-engine transition

      3 months ago
  • Strange coincidence, between that video dropping and the update there’s 8600 minutes.

      3 months ago