Rejoice! Koenigsegg has zero interest in SUVs but might build a bonkers Gemera

Koenigsegg join the list of car makers who say no to SUVs

Koenigsegg joins the (admittedly short) list of supercar manufacturers that have no intention of building an SUV any time soon. In an interview with YouTuber Misha Charoudin, Christian von Koenigsegg, CEO and founder of the eponymous brand, said he's never "been a great fan of SUVs" and he added that 'performance SUV' is a contradiction in terms.

Von Koenigsegg also said he's actually planning to build a high-riding, Mad Max-style version of the Gemera, the astounding four-seater grand tourer that Koenigsegg unveiled in March last year.

Koenigsegg had planned to reveal the Gemera at the Geneva Motor Show but as the show got cancelled because of Covid, the company decided to unveil it online. The name is a combination of the words "ge" (give in Swedish) and "mera" (more") and the Gemera is powered by what Koenigsegg calls a a TFG (Tiny Friendly Giant) engine. The 3-cylinder twin-turbocharged 2.0-litre engine produces 600 hp and 443 lb-ft but there are also three electric motors, one for each rear wheel and one on the crankshaft, for a combined power output of 1,700 hp.

The electric unit is designed to work in tandem with the petrol engine but the Gemera is technically a plug-in hybrid, which means you can theoretically drive it on electricity alone (up to 31 miles), thanks to its 15 kWh battery pack. The top speed is 186 mph in electric mode and 249 mph when the petrol and electric components are working together. 0-60 takes 1.9 seconds.

This being a grand tourer, the interior is lavishly equipped with four heated seats, four cooled cup-holders, a lot of ADAS and four touchscreens for the infotainment, the side and rear view cameras. Production is limited to 300 units.

Are 4-seat/4-door supercars the next big thing?

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  • Step 1: buy Ariel

    Step 2: gut the Nomad buggy

    Step 3: swap in TFG engine and gated manual

    Step 4: lengthen the wheelbase and add fat tyres

    Step 5: ???

    Step 6: leave press car at John Coleman's flat with a note: "Go wild for a month"

    Step 7: ??????

    Step 8: profit

    Step 9: use profit to enter the Baja 1000

      10 days ago
  • Oh thank

      8 days ago
  • Just imagine a 1000 hp SUV with a honking v8 🙃

      9 days ago
  • I need to see the Gemera Mad Max car! It needs to happen!

      9 days ago
  • Hot hatch>sports coupe>Sports sedan>walking>pissing your pants>crossovers>SUVs

      9 days ago